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Why Pink?

With so many options to choose from I'm sure the thought has crossed your mind, why Pink? The answer is simple! Quality salon experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home backed by our service guarantees. The Pink Combs is a mobile head lice removal company that provides an honest and informative helping hand to clients struggling with head lice. Using a technique as old as head lice itself, our Pink mates manually remove 99% of your infestation, withholding the 1% for human error. In-depth training, study, and an active daily experience with head lice removal has made each of our teammates an expert in this field. Once you join the Pink family, every team and their personal experience becomes available to you as your personal head lice resource. Head lice can be a traumatic event, it often takes a toll on the entire family. While the removal of

Treatment process

So you’ve scheduled an appointment, and your Pink team is on the way. We are sure you are wondering, what’s next? Not much really. Just ensure that the hair is clean (free from debris and remaining treatment remnants or residue) and you can relax! In your down time, our hope is that you collect your thoughts, and begin to store up your head lice related questions. Upon arrival, your team will be more than happy to address your concerns on an individualized basis. If your extended family includes a furry family member, please have them put away for the duration of your team visit. Be sure to ask your Pink team why your furry family member is not at risk, you may learn a fun fact. It is not uncommon for many to be misdiagnosed with head lice. For this reason, every treatment begins with a wet head check. This ensures


Service Pricing Most companies have extra steps they use to conceal their  hidden fees. Often times they shy away from the price conversation. We get it! That would be our angle too if we didn’t offer standard prices. It is a Pink promise, and one we aim to keep, that our service rates will never fluctuate based on the size of your infestation, the length and thickness of your hair, nor the time it takes to remove your infestation. Our rates are standard: Service Dry head check Wet head check Men (boy) Woman (girl) Men (boy) w/ girl length hair Dry head checks are designed for larger settings such as camps, daycares, state and federal institutions. Group rates apply. Please contact us to see if your camp or institution qualifies. During a wet head check your Pink mate will saturate your hair with

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