Identifying head lice can be a tricky process. In our Lice Tricks? Pink Treat! Blog we highlight a few ways these little critters can appear invisible. Removing head lice can be just as hard. Just imagine, an egg as tiny as a strawberry seed. Yes, those little seeds you see laying around on just one strawberry can be used to size a louse egg, correctly termed a nit.

Let us take a closer look at what you are attempting to tackle. Statics show that it takes the average family 3 weeks to discover head lice within their household. In this 3 week (21 days)  time span, one adult louse can lay 5 to 10 nits per day. If you are the average family and presently 3 weeks into your infestation at best you have between 105- 210 or more strawberry seeds (nits) to remove. Be sure not to leave even two nits behind. As this is enough to restart the entire infestation. Nits are hatched asexually, once they have molted into adulthood they can then choose a sex. YES! You read that right they get to choose.

Fun lice exercise; If you have the patience, deseed a strawberry. Place the seed randomly throughout the hair. Now, relocate and remove all of them. If you’ve cheated, you know exactly how many seeds are scattered throughout the hair but remember, just two seed left behind can restart the infestation.  Hard work? We know!

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