Service Pricing

Most companies have extra steps they use to conceal their  hidden fees. Often times they shy away from the price conversation. We get it! That would be our angle too if we didn’t offer standard prices. It is a Pink promise, and one we aim to keep, that our service rates will never fluctuate based on the size of your infestation, the length and thickness of your hair, nor the time it takes to remove your infestation.

Our rates are standard:

Dry head check
Wet head check
Men (boy)
Woman (girl)
Men (boy) w/ girl length hair
Square Installments

Dry head checks are designed for larger settings such as camps, daycares, state and federal institutions. Group rates apply. Please contact us to see if your camp or institution qualifies.

During a wet head check your Pink mate will saturate your hair with our special blend of Pink repellent before they carefully detangle you and your love bugs hair. Once you are all detangled, Pink mates comb in small sections searching for and removing any trace of head lice they find. If head lice is detected your Pink mate will notify you.

Every treatment begins with a wet head check. We begin with a wet head check so that you are not charged for a treatment you do not need. Don’t worry if you decide to get a treatment the head check is free. Once you’ve confirmed treatment, your Pink mate will manually remove your entire infestation. This includes the nits (egg), casing (egg shell), and all stages of bugs. At the end of your treatment your Pink mates will switch and provide a quality control check.

Never forget our treatments are backed by our 99% guarantee

As an added bonus you receive complimentary designer braids or bun with every treatment (limited to the catalog of your Pink mate).

Hundreds of families serviced and each time we only see one you.

Pink Tips

Don’t worry your team is on the way, but knowing a bit about your six-clawed visitor may help abate some fears.

Head Lice:
  • Do not transmit COVID.
  • Do not transmit disease.

  • Do not jump or fly.

  • Are not seasonal.

  • Transferred by only 3 seconds of head to head contact.

  • Can easily re-infest your hair if two viable nits are left behind.

When your team arrives be sure to ask all your lice related questions. We are driven by your peace of mind. In the meantime take a look at our Things to know before your Pink appointment.

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