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Who We Are

The Pink Combs is a 24/7 mobile lice service that focuses on the removal of head lice using an all natural process that excludes any and all pesticides. Compare this to the 54% being offered by over the counter products and rest assure that you will be armed with the right tools and information needed

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Pink treat!

Did you know that a louse on its original host, will adapt to the hair color of its host? Head lice are the ultimate tricksters camouflaging to the hair color is just one of their many party tricks. Relying heavily on our body temperature to climate control, a female louse lays 5-10 nits a day

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No Super bug. Just a super you!

Experiencing head lice can become a frustrating emotional roller coaster, especially when you are confronted with limited resources on how to battle your infestation effectively. So what do you do when the social stigmas of head lice has already limited your desire to share your personal struggles with close friends and you turn on the

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