I have two amazingly beautiful little girls, Lilly who is 8 and Rose who is 6. Rose is a charmer she is all smiles, giggles, and hugs. It seems the more I explain personal space to Rose the more loveable she becomes. Honestly, I would like to be a bit firmer because I am aware of the risk head lice pose, but then considered lice is what I do and her experience is what we make it. Lilly however, learned this lesson a bit earlier in life. Lilly has had head lice three times, or so I thought! Time and experience has given me knowledge, and knowledge applied gave me the understanding. Knowing what I now know I understand that I dealt with one revolving infestation poorly. I think this maybe amongst her reasons for being as solitary as she is. From one extreme to the next my girls are amazingly different, but neither has balance, I am hoping time will bring them the knowledge to figure it out.


My brother’s daughter Lauren just graduated college, I must say I was a bit worried in the first two years of her collegiate career. Her social pages are teeming with so many social events my head spins just trying to keep up. She has to be the queen of selfies, now she on to this new snap chat thing I can never keep up! I don’t know how she kept it straight with all her classes, but I am so happy not to mention proud that she did. My husband is bald he doesn’t fit into this equation however, I do and as I am sure you have all figured out I am a proud team-mate of The Pink Combs family. My work environment makes me a natural prospective victim of head lice and although I enact all the necessary precautions I do know that nothing is 100% guarantee. My crazy blend of a little family will be visiting my aunt in Florida this year where we hope to reconnect with everyone else who traveled so that we can spend the holidays together.


The social stigma about lice causes many to believe that it is a hygiene issue be your stance clean or dirty however it is not head lice is like the common cold we are all subjected to the possibility of head lice exposure and any of us can be the lead host.

Team-mate Alyssa K.