Experiencing head lice can become a frustrating emotional roller coaster, especially when you are confronted with limited resources on how to battle your infestation effectively. So what do you do when the social stigmas of head lice has already limited your desire to share your personal struggles with close friends and you turn on the television to discover that we are now dealing with a super bug? Your anxiety, stress, and frustration rises and you panic. On average it takes a family 6 months to battle head lice on their own. Lacking the knowledge of how lice spreads, parents are often stuck in the revolving door cycle of de-lousing one member and over looking the next. This often leads one to think that the house itself is infested and now the cleaning spree begins, endless loads of laundry, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning and in the end we still have bugs. Throughout time everything alive has adapted to survive, there is nothing super about head lice not the contraction of it nor the bug itself. If we hunt the same way and get the same result both the hunter and the hunted should be termed crazy.


For generations prior we effectively battled lice by killing them in their natural environment(the head). Exposing ourselves to lengthy over the top in home treatments and pesticide. Based on the natural laws of life( one must change or adapt to survive) I do not find it illogical that head lice have adapted as well. These bugs are not super because they have developed a tolerance for your hunting practices they are only super because they’ve battled time, but so have you! The products are no longer effective  because they now lack the swiftness and the strength required to kill a louse and never had the ability to remove or kill a nit. Please DO NOT increase your uses of pesticide as it will only become increasingly harmful to you and your loved ones.


Lets change tactics, instead of using the same ineffective products lets approach this battle differently lets remove the louse from their natural habitat leaving them nowhere to hide, no place to cling, and nothing to feed on. If we remove a louse from the head every trick it knows will become ineffective.


For this reason the Pink Combs focuses our effort on the removal of head lice rather than trying to kill them in an environment that they evolve to survive in. Why is our method so effective? Using an extensively detail combing method we cover the entire head and remove all evidence of head lice from the person, because head lice are parasite and require a human host for survival all live bugs will begin to dehydrate after missing the first feed. After 24-48 hours off the human host a louse dies of dehydration. Much like chicken eggs nits/eggs require a certain degree of heat to incubate and hatch, the broken connection between nits/eggs removed immediately renders them non-viable effectively ending the current and the next cycle of head lice.