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Why Pink?

With so many options to choose from I'm sure the thought has crossed your mind, why Pink? The answer is simple! Quality salon experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home backed by our service guarantees. The Pink Combs is a mobile head lice removal company that provides an honest and informative helping hand to clients struggling with head lice. Using a technique as old as head lice itself, our Pink mates manually remove 99% of your infestation, withholding the 1% for human error. In-depth training, study, and an active daily experience with head lice removal has made each of our teammates an expert in this field. Once you join the Pink family, every team and their personal experience becomes available to you as your personal head lice resource. Head lice can be a traumatic event, it often takes a toll on the entire family. While the removal of

What you are up against.

    Identifying head lice can be a tricky process. In our Lice Tricks? Pink Treat! Blog we highlight a few ways these little critters can appear invisible. Removing head lice can be just as hard. Just imagine, an egg as tiny as a strawberry seed. Yes, those little seeds you see laying around on just one strawberry can be used to size a louse egg, correctly termed a nit. Let us take a closer look at what you are attempting to tackle. Statics show that it takes the average family 3 weeks to discover head lice within their household. In this 3 week (21 days)  time span, one adult louse can lay 5 to 10 nits per day. If you are the average family and presently 3 weeks into your infestation at best you have between 105- 210 or more strawberry seeds (nits) to remove. Be sure not to leave even two

Who We Are

The Pink Combs is a 24/7 mobile lice service that focuses on the removal of head lice using an all natural process that excludes any and all pesticides. Compare this to the 54% being offered by over the counter products and rest assure that you will be armed with the right tools and information needed to effectively treat this infestation and that of future outbreaks. The removal of head lice is our specialty, our passion however, is to inform and educate families, churches, schools/daycare and other small businesses on the methods and modes of transfer that head lice prefer. In the process of passing along the knowledge that we have attained through personal struggles, in-depth study and an active daily experience with head lice removal we perseveringly relieve families from the stress associated with  head lice.

Pink treat!

Did you know that a louse on its original host, will adapt to the hair color of its host? Head lice are the ultimate tricksters camouflaging to the hair color is just one of their many party tricks. Relying heavily on our body temperature to climate control, a female louse lays 5-10 nits a day strategically laying each nit so that they can incubate, much like a chicken egg. A nits close proximity to the scalp may help to play a major role in why nits are so easily mistaken for dandruff. Glued to the base of the hair shaft the small dot of the embryo disappears leaving only the shell/ casing visible to the naked eye. On closer inspection casings appear tear drop or oval in shape translucent or clear in color. When a nit hatches its hatchling is called a nymph. Until a nymph molts into adulthood the louse is

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