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Service Introduction

A natural, open approach to head lice removal.


Our success is synonymous with our clients well being. Please know- your wellness is important to us! Because this is true, The Pink Combs opts to take an honest, all-natural approach to the removal of head lice.


Our aim is to naturally remove your infestation, but that is not all we aim to do. When you receive a Pink Combs treatment, you become a part of our family! Our teammates will share valuable information with you, covering everything from the modes of head lice transfer, to the discernible details of your specific infestation. We leave you empowered with the tools and know-how necessary to implement proven prevention methods.

Our Services

In this era, we are dealing with a super bug that has proven resistant to over-the-counter and prescribed pesticides. The head louse. Most head lice home treatment products are toxic and require multiple use, often yielding little to no results.


It is our goal to provide you with successful results while preventing your exposure to harmful products. This is why at The Pink Combs we focus on natural solutions for head lice. Instead of using pesticides to exterminate, we simply remove the infestation manually. Our care provides an old-school approach, but it’s a proven method for the removal of head lice safely and naturally.


Using all natural products and the proper tools, we guarantee each client a 99% clearance upon treatment. Compare this to the 54% clearance being offered by over-the-counter products! We have trained our teammates to employ an extensive combing process designed to cover the entire head, and to develop a focused attention to detail.


In addition to head lice removal, we also inform and educate families, churches, schools / daycare facilities and other small businesses on the methods and modes of transfer that head lice prefer, and provide tips on the prevention and treatment.


The combination of mobile lice remove services and the sharing of information based on our wealth of knowledge will enable us to provide you with the best head lice care in the South!

Our Guarantees

The Pink Combs is a company founded on strong ethics and high moral standards. We work hard to stand behind the integrity of our work. Pink Combs teammates will never offer you treatment if none is warranted.


Although science demands we hold 1% aside for human error, we are very proud of our 99% lice-free guarantee. Each client can purchase a bottle of Pinkpellent and a lice comb, the very same products our technicians will use to remove your infestation. We teach every new family member how to use homework combing.


We are vigilant in our efforts to help you prevent re-infestation, and take precaution against that theoretically remaining 1%. Homework combing is a simple task that we leave you entirely prepared for.


We’ve got your back.

Pink Pricing

Afraid of Hidden Prices?


Other in-home treatment services typically charge an hourly rate and are often accused of suggesting treatment when none is required. They will implement travel fees, making your spending total difficult to estimate for all the services received on that day.


Not in The Pink Family! 


We offer standard family care rates. Our prices for treatment will not fluctuate. Our technicians will ALWAYS show you evidence of your infestation prior to offering treatment.


The length and thickness of the hair can make the treatment process time-consuming, especially if coupled with a month or months-long infestation. Our technicians will battle the infestation for as long as is required, time taken will not impact pricing.


Other in-home lice removal services might send one technician to your home to perform all treatments needed. If multiple family members have confirmed cases, this leaves a single technician with the task of treating everyone, thus lowering efficiency and effectiveness for every treatment performed.


Not in The Pink Family!


Time and experience has shown us that having multiple teammates per family leaves less room for error, so for quality-assured treatments we issue our dispatches in minimum teams of two. This enables us to address your infestation in a timely manner, while insuring that our teammates perform at max effectiveness. After each treatment, the teammates will switch to enact a final and thorough comb-through.


This is our commitment to quality and to you.


*If requested, your Pink team member will show you where we began with the infestation and where you are upon our departure (we leave Pink Family members 99% clear). This is our way to help you confirm an effective treatment.


All technicians are equipped with enough produces and tools to treat 5 large infestations. This means one team has enough resources to treat 10 new Pink Family members.


Join the Pink Family! Allow our highly trained technicians to both educate and comb away the stress associated with head lice.


  • Phone Consultation: Free
  • Head Checks: $45  (If evidence of head lice is found, the head check charge is automatically applied to your treatment charges and you are only charged once.)
  • Girls/ Women Treatment:  $160
  • Boys/Men Treatment: $120  (NOTE: Treatment for Boys/Men with Long Hair: $160)

** NOTE: All services rendered is on a case to case basis. Our only rate variation is determined by location. **