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About Us

Why Choose The Pink Combs?

So Why Should You Choose The Pink Combs for Head Lice Treament? It’s Simple, Really …


All Natural: Over the counter products only offer 54% guarantees of effective lice removal. Most over-the-counter products contain pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are active pesticides that have contributed greatly to the evolution of head lice. Due to long term exposure to these pesticides, lice have developed new strengths that allow them to withstand their application.


(This may be the reason the companies only offer that meager 54% guarantee). This means that these chemicals are not only harsh on the body- they are ineffective lice removal agents, that you can count on to leave nits behind. At a 54% chance of successful lice removal per bottle, people often end up buying more than one unit of over-the-counter product. However, a product that does not work, will not work, no matter how much of it you buy! Pesticides make for very stressful attempts at lice removal. Stressful energy often snowballs, creating a chaotic atmosphere. Join the Pink Family for a safe, all natural  (PESTICIDE- FREE) process, that will leave you informed, equipped, and lice-free.


You’ve found The Pink Combs! You can relax now.


No one ever plans for head lice. Time away from work or school can be inconvenient at the least, and devastating in worst case scenarios. Let The Pink Combs appease the discomfort of dealing with an interruption to your busy schedule.


We are Accessible. Are you struggling to get in touch with a lice removal facility during the typical business hours of 9-5? The Pink Combs are available 24/7! You can contact us to schedule head checks and treatments at any time. Call in to discuss your head-lice-related questions and concerns around the clock.


We are Time-Effective. No need to use up valuable sick days, or to withdraw the kids from school. Call in and the nearest Pink Combs Team will be on the way to you, stat!


We are Mobile. Save on time, and gas by letting The Pink Combs come to you. No need to leave the comforts of home, or to battle traffic come to and from a fixed location.


We are Discreet. Although lice infestations are nothing to be ashamed of, we know there may be reasons you might not want to broadcast your situation. Our Teammates arrive in unmarked vehicles to quickly and effectively remove your head lice. Our equipment is free of anything that could announce your lice infestation to the public.


Trustworthy.  Integrity is important to us. We will never put greed or company growth before customer care. Rest assured that you’re working with a company that puts you first!


We provide 24/7 mobile head lice removal service.

Just give us a call and we are on the way!

Discreet and Convenient

Not yet ready to share your LOUSY day with your close family and friends?

Teammates will arrive promptly and quietly in unmarked vehicles, and leave the same. If you’re not yet ready to have the neighbors know of your personal struggle or just want to give them the news in your own time, in your own way, With The Pink Combs at your service, you won’t have to. We will come directly to you to provide treatment. For completely discreet and convenient service, join The Pink Family!

Never want the hassle of divulging the information?

Helping people manage lice is what we do! We can turn what could become an uncomfortable and intimidating conversation with friends and neighbors into informative communication that doesn’t have to involve or implicate you or your family. We can correspond with colleagues and neighbors on your behalf, beginning with an explanation of head lice and providing a clear understanding how to manage their potential infestation. We can also mail or email schools on your behalf, to anonymously inform them that one of their students had an active case, has been professionally treated and suggest that they enact a class or school check per the school’s policy.

All Natural Products and Process

Chemically altered shampoos and treatment products are proving ineffective against the ever evolving head louse or the “super louse.”


We are dedicated to treating you and your family as a member of our family. That includes extending the same care, patience, understanding, and tolerance to your family as we extend to ours. We focus on the removal of head lice by applying natural head lice treatment products that help to soothe and heal the scalp while loosening the glue that binds the nit to the hair strand.

Accurate Tips and Advice

You will receive undivided one-on-one in-home Q&A time with two highly trained technicians capable of addressing all of your head lice questions and concerns.

Preventative Tools and Products

During treatment, the teammates will discuss the when, where, and how of your infestation. They will teach you combing techniques that will help to identify and treat future head lice infestations.